Group Sales

Got a group? Get a deal. Corporate groups, social organizations, alumni associations, professional councils and more can qualify for discounted tickets and exclusive benefits when they purchase through Group Sales.

Omaha Performing Arts
For Omaha Performing Arts Presents and Broadway performances, groups are defined as 10 or more people and receive discounts and complimentary amenities. Some shows require 15 or more. For more information, please contact the Corporate and Group Sales Representative at 402.661.8516, or visit our group sales page.

Omaha Symphony
Omaha Symphony groups are defined as 10 or more people and receive discounts, preferential seating, and more. For more information or assistance with planning a group outing, call 402.661.8457.

Opera Omaha
Discounts on Opera Omaha tickets for groups of 10 or more are available by calling 402.346.4398.

Omaha Community Playhouse
Omaha Community Playhouse Groups are defined as 12 or more people and receive a discounted ticket price. To purchase group tickets or for more information, contact the Director of Sales at 402.661.8528.