COVID Precautions


As we prepare to reopen the Orpheum Theater and Holland Performing Arts Center, nothing is more important than the health and safety of our patrons, staff, artists, volunteers and community. To ensure the safety of those who work at and visit our venues, we’ve implemented a number of changes to provide the best performing arts experience. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us create a safe and enjoyable experience for all.



covid precautions



Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitation

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Our venues have undergone enhanced cleaning and sanitation by our operations staff: 

  • Doorknobs, railings, counter tops, elevator buttons and other common touch points are sanitized with increased frequency. 
  • Performance halls, larger gathering areas, transported equipment, and other larger common areas are cleaned first and then sanitized using electrostatic technology which allows disinfecting solution to adhere to all surfaces. 
  • For your convenience, hand sanitizer dispensers are available throughout the buildings.

Virus Filtering Heating and Cooling

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We’re also improving the air quality at our venues. To ensure the air in our buildings is safe when you return:

  • All air handling units will have Global Plasma Solutions' Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) technology installed. During the GPS cleaning process, the NPBI technology attacks and kills viruses, mold spores and bacteria.

Staff and Patron Precautions

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To create a safe and enjoyable experience for all:

  • All staff and volunteers are required to wear face masks and receive temperatures checks upon arriving for their shift.
  • Masks are required for all patrons at all times, unless an ADA or health issue prevents the person from complying. 
  • All artists, stagehands, wardrobe, security, stage door and other contractors must wear masks when it is possible to do so and will also receive temperature checks.
  • Ambassadors will direct you to your seat from the top of each aisle. 
  • Shield guards will be installed in areas where guests and concessions staff come into close contact, as well as will call and other appropriate areas.
  • Social distancing in drop-off, ride share areas, lobbies, valet and other areas where applicable.
  • Temporary adjustments of seating to allow for increased separation.
  • Coat check will be available as self-check only.

Please allow extra time and arrive early for your event. 

Touchless Experience

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To help reduce the amount of physical contact at the Orpheum Theater and Holland Center, we’re creating a touchless experience with:
  • Mobile ticket delivery (No printed tickets).
  • New security scanners that create an efficient and seamless entry (No bag checks).
  • Digital program books will now be available on our website one week prior to the show. Printed program books will no longer be provided.
  • Cashless transactions by use of Google Pay or Apple Pay to purchase food or beverages.
  • Touchless flush valves and faucets in all restrooms.

Programming Updates

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